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Reversi Security Training Platform

An omnidirectional and integrated  network security training platform to improve  personnel technical ability in actual combat.

Based on rich experience of attack and defense competition and service for enterprises, we integrate the needs of various industries, combing learning, training and competition in both theory and practice.

  • Course

    Comprehensive coverage of mainstream security knowledge.

  • Training

    Simulate a real network training environment to meet practical needs.

  • Competition

    Improve earning and practice skills by competition.

Complete curriculum system Covering all the daily business scenarios

The course includes dozens of security technology areas covering all daily scenarios, and equipped with expert explanations and exercises.

High quality exclusive item bank Supporting customized training

The courses are designed by Chaitin security team with rich competition and service experience. All the course wares, target drones and topics are based on real business, which can create business based training programs.

Efficient management benefit to resources use Support flexible allocation of learning resources

Reversi can manage students and courses from multiple dimensions, allocating resources according to business needs efficiently. The platform is simple to operate, and easy to know the full real-time status.

Multi-dimensional data statistics Show real time growth track of students

The platform provides multiple statistics of individual learning status, growth route, competition results and so on, intuitively showing learning situation, which powers the administrator to master teaching progress individually.