Emergency Response

Help organizations respond to security emergencies and minimize negative impacts.

Improve Threat Detection Capabilities

Discover abnormalities immediately and prepare to response emergency during preparation and inspection phase

  • Establish Threats Intelligence Center

    Timely threat information to reduce attack discovery time.

  • Design Log Audit Solutions

    Provide important evidence for threat detection, postmortem tracking analysis, and evidence analysis.

  • Real-time Threats Detection Solution

    Build a real-time detection system to quickly and accurately capture attackers and improve threat detection capabilities.

Emergency Events Handling Service

Discover from attacks effectively and completely solve problems during deterrence, eradication, recovery and tracking phases

  • Cyber ​​Attack Events

    Network Scan Events

    Vulnerability Attacks

    Brute-force Attacks

    Denial of Service Attacks

  • Web Attack Incident


    Web Page Tampering Events


    Web Hidden Hyperlinks Events

  • Malicious Program Events

    Malicious Virus

    Botnet Program

    Mining Program


  • Business Security Events

    Woollen Events

    Data Breach Events

    Root Violation Events

Professional Team with Quick Response

Based on the offensive and defensive experience and long-term research on the enterprise network environment, formulate truly effective solution to properly handle complex security incidents.

  • Effective Response

  • Effective Processing Result

  • Live or Remote Service