Penetration Testing

The leading penetration test team simulates real attacks and eliminates potential security threats earlier than attackers!

Provide Customized High Quality Services Based on Rich Experience and Defensive and Offensive Technology

  • Web Service
  • Web Application
  • External Network Detection
  • Internal Network Detection
  • Red And Blue Confrontation
  • Mobile Terminal
  • Security Awareness
  • IoT Equipment

Understand Attack Thinking, Be the Offensive and Defensive Technology Leader

Chaitin has won more than 10 championships in security competitions and top 3 domestic & international competitions many times. We are security experts thinking like hackers, who can detect and fix vulnerabilities before attackers.

In-Depth Understanding of Customer Needs to Reduce Communication Costs

Understand the security requirements in different scenarios and customize penetration test programs to identify defects in normal business processes to help business development with superior performance.

Standardized Test Procedure, High Quality Full Coverage

Summarize standardized processes to ensure high quality, low risk and comprehensive coverage, effectively avoid system outage, false negatives and other problems.

Four Major Evading Measures to Reduce Testing Risk

  • Parameter Collection

    Prioritize basic parameters of websites or programs, minimize the work load during the testing process to ensure the stability of business.

  • Close Communication

    Communicate on any identified high-risk issues during testing process. When uncontrollable consequences may happen, we will review the testing plan with enterprise.

  • Time Choice

    Understand the load distribution of websites or programs and avoid testing during peak business hours.

  • Information Control

    Strict confidential policy on system data and test results to ensure not leak information.