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CloudWalker Server Security Platform

Cloud in the World

Agent-based deep server workload security platform. In a complex hybrid cloud environment, it provides users with a different perspective of network environment security, enhances asset visibility and effectively defends against intrusions.

Internal Observation View for Server Comprehensive Monitoring and Checking

Global Perspective to Clear the Hidden threats in Complex Environments

User friendly on inventory and manage of large assets to keep your host safe.

The network environment becomes more and more complex as the enterprise develops in size and years. Whether it is cloud computing, multiply cloud to hybrid cloud or multi-tier IT architecture, the host-based security observation dimension is like the perspective of God, fundamentally eliminating the risk of security out of control.

Non-stop Monitor Analysis Address Advanced Targeted Attacks

Whether it is an external attack from attacker or a potential risk in its own system, it will trigger abnormal changes in the network environment. Non-stop monitoring can detect threats and process them quickly.

Identify Deep Threats and Perceive System Risks

Highly efficient baseline inspections through flexible configuration inspection policies

Innovative WebShell detection and analysis engine can sense hidden threats in the system. With traditional intelligent algorithms, it can automatically perceive and discover the security risks in the network environment.

Visual Analysis, Millisecond Warning

[ "The analysis results are highly visualized and flexibly denoised, making it easy for users to implement policy-level management.", "The millisecond-level warning speed achieves intrusion awareness and stops the loss in time.", "It can support multiple operating systems, batch processing, and open APIs for extremely convenient and open experience for users." ]