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SafeLine Next Gen Web Application Firewall

Keep hackers at bay

The World's First Next Gen Web Application Firewall Based on Intelligent Semantic Analysis Nominated by Gartner in Magic Quadrant of Web Application Firewall

Highly Accurate Interception, Near Zero False Positive Rate, and Hundredfold Increase in Speed

Equipped with the world's leading intelligence semantic analysis algorithm, which can achieve attack detection based on context logic. It improves the attack interception performance to the world's top level while reducing the false positive rate.

Detect Unknown Vulnerabilities, Passive Defense to Active Identification

Based on semantic understanding of attack language strings, SafeLine extracts similar attack features to accurately identify unknown threats.

Adapt to Various Application Scenarios, Closely Fitting Business Needs

Adapt to the business logic of different industries with more than one hundredfold kinds of strategic dimensions access control. Refine the granularity of protection to achieve customized business security and precision.

Flexible and Diverse Deployment, Supports Large Flow Defense

Deployment and operation do not affect normal business Large data traffic handle Active and standby deployment to avoid single point of failure Support hardware and software deployment, fast process, simple and flexible operation Support both public and private cloud solutions

Visualized Show Potential Threats, Liberate Manpower and Reduce Costs

One-click activation without signature configuration Site management to improve the level of security refinement Attack replay, restore attack purpose Precise push, real-time control of security status