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Cyber Security Solutions for Financial Services

Provide high-quality solutions with systematic intelligent protection for financial cloud security


With its scalability and high availability, cloud computing has quickly become the preferredarchitecture for traditionalfinancial institutions (e.g banks) to achieve business transformation and innovation. However, cloud in financial services face multiple challenges such as massive sensitive information protection and strict compliance supervision.

  • Data resource leakage High risk concentration

  • Blurring of business boundary Risk spillover acceleration

  • Stronger business continuity requirements

  • More complex compliance problem and technical challenges

Financial Security Construction

  • Fully consider the value maximization of security construction from the perspective of security defense and business development.

  • Build an enterprise security defense system from the key protection points to improve rate of return on investment.

  • Improve security technology and promote security mechanism to support the operation of security system effectively.

  • Discover and remedy enterprise security weaknesses timely combing product automation and manual service assistance.

Chaitin released the key point of systemized intelligent protection with the rich service experience for many financial enterprises.

The solution considered difficulties from the three stages (pre /middle/ post) of the security incident for financial enterprises based on the PPDR model and constructed security defense system from the key points of attack/defense/check/capture, maximizing the effect of security construction.


  • Innovative technology

    makes security precise and transparent

  • Meet compliance requirements

    compliance with industry regulatory standards

  • Flexible and extensible

    ensure cloud security advantages

  • Reduce labor cost

    release security team productivity

  • 7×24 hours

    protect financial security