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D-Sensor Threat Awareness System

Chaitin D-Sensor, distinguish true and false

Deceive Perceive Capture Trace

Enable Intranet to Actively Confront

D-Sensor Threat Awareness System utilizes deception technology to solve three major problems: difficult to detect, difficult to define, and difficult to trace, through deploying honeypots, inducing enemies, recording paths, and tracing evidence, equipped intranet with new active confrontation capability.

Before deployment

After deployment

  • Delay the Attack Process

    Using intrusion-spoofing technology and high-interaction honeypots to induce attackers to spend a lot of time to attack D-Sensor in order to protect the real network environment, delaying attack process and earning extra time for security response.

  • Discover Intrusion Attacks

    By deploying a large number of honeypots, D-Sensor can quickly identify attackers, notify security manager by short messages, emails, etc. and provide security response support to reduce the risk of information assets damage.

  • Predict Attack Intention

    Collect attack data to accurately predict attack intentions, assist customer to percept core asset threats, in order to achieve targeted active defense.

  • Replay the Attack Process

    Continuously record the attack process and replay in video to show the entire process and support forensics.