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D-Sensor Threat Awareness System

Chaitin D-Sensor, distinguish true and false

Deceive Perceive Capture Trace

Enable Intranet to Actively Confront

D-Sensor Threat Awareness System utilizes deception technology to solve three major problems: difficult to detect, difficult to define, and difficult to trace, through deploying honeypots, inducing enemies, recording paths, and tracing evidence, equipped intranet with new active confrontation capability.

  • Delay the Attack Process

    Using intrusion-spoofing technology and high-interaction honeypots to induce attackers to spend a lot of time to attack D-Sensor in order to protect the real network environment, delaying attack process and earning extra time for security response.

  • Discover Intrusion Attacks

    By deploying a large number of honeypots, D-Sensor can quickly identify attackers, notify security manager by short messages, emails, etc. and provide security response support to reduce the risk of information assets damage.

  • Predict Attack Intention

    Collect attack data to accurately predict attack intentions, assist customer to percept core asset threats, in order to achieve targeted active defense.

  • Replay the Attack Process

    Continuously record the attack process and replay in video to show the entire process and support forensics.