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Defend against a wide range of web security vulnerabilities and detect and analyze the principles of vulnerability formation based on powerful threat defense capabilities.

Next Generation Web Application Firewall (NGWAF)


Semantic analysis algorithms like a tiny but blazing fast compiler built-in to defend 0day and varieties application attacks accurately. Flexible deployment methods support hardware, software, virtual and could modes.

Disguise services to set traps for hackers and detect and respond to attacks in a timely manner.

Threat Awareness System


D-Sensor applies deception concept to disguise networks, applications, terminals, and data, which can confuse attackers to stay away from real value assets, and won’t influent normal service operation at the same time. After identifying attack behaviors, D-Sensor notifies website administrators by different ways to trigger an emergency solution to stop attackers.

Build continuous security integration based on high-quality security penetration and continuous security inspection.

Continuous security integration

Chaitin Security Inspection System

Chaitin security inspection system offers a complete website security solution. The system detects security problems from different dimensions and provides effective solutions to enhance security.

The technological strength of Chaitin has been internationally recognized. Chaitin has a very explicit product plan. The domestic network security marketplace falls short of such a team to explore potential opportunities.
Li Jianwei, partner of ZhenFund

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