Web Application Security Solution for High Traffic Websites

How to achieve effective web application security for high-traffic websites with high concurrency, high traffic, massive data and complex logic.

Web 2.0 has pluralistic development of network behavior. Business development and users increase further improved the performance requirements of the website. The bottleneck of any link will affect the normal business operation of the website system and user experience, then cause huge economic losses. High-traffic websites are confronted with nonnegligible rigid demands.

Chaitin in-depth researches enterprise utilize scenarios based on rich practical experience, and forms a set of web application security solutions for high-traffic website architecture. It can meet the requirements of architecture and realize the dual protection of application security and business security.

The software cluster deployment solution modularizes functions, which can deploy different functional components to specific servers and combine them according to the actual needs of enterprises, so as to maximize the utilization of service resources to meet the requirements of large traffic, high concurrency and extensible.

It supports two kinds of cluster deployment modes with excellent horizontal expansion. In theory, it can support unlimited concurrent processing capacity, which can be extended according to the real business traffic to solve the deployment requirements of high-traffic website architecture.

Enterprises can deploy the reverse proxy cluster according to actual performance requirements, and drain to the cluster by modifying the load balance forwarding rules.

Deploying intercept embedded cluster to existing Nginx cluster, it can complete traffic detection without changing the existing network topology.

  • The intelligent semantic algorithm doesn’t use the traditional rule database, and has high accuracy, low false positive rate, highest level of attack interception in the world.

    Innovative intelligent algorithm with extremely accurate interception and low false positive rate.

  • Modularize product functionality to adapt to the network environment fitting the performance requirements of high-traffic website architecture and supporting unlimited concurrent processing.

    Clustered deployment easily to deal with complex network environment

  • Centralized management ensures no major changes to the network topology while upgrading or expanding to solve problems efficiently with lower cost.

    Easy operation and maintenance to reduce labor costs.

  • Provide an open plug-in platform to build multi-platform and multi-device security linkage, fully understand the attack logic of business.

    Customized traffic analysis to solve scenario business security issues.


Large-flow e-commerce website


  • High traffic delay, affect normal business;
  • High false positive increase the business difficulties;
  • Business security cannot be implemented.


  • Solve the problem of platform peak delay, limit 99% of access requests to 1ms;
  • The intelligent semantic engine greatly reduces false positive;
  • Open API interface and data linkage analysis can solve bot mitigation to protect user rights.

Huge traffic video site


  • Extra-large traffic
  • Fast business iteration
  • Diverse business demands
  • Self-built private cloud


  • Without change the original network topology, flexibly expansion to solve the problem of large traffic performance;
  • Business access control strategy to effectively block the scalpers and solve the business security problems.

High-traffic website of Joint-equity Banks


  • Massive physical links and higher construction costs;
  • Complex network topology and high modification cost;
  • The sensitivity of false positives is, and the impact of error interception has a great impact on the business.


  • Reduce network modification costs without change the network topology to shorten the service access period;
  • Improve detection accuracy and lower false positives with semantic engine without affecting normal business.