Security Capacity Improvement Solutions

The essence of cybersecurity is the offensive and defensive confrontation between people. People are the last line of defense in the real sense of cybersecurity!

Security Training Service

Customized professional training on industry vulnerabilities, industry security issues, defense measures, including questions commonly seen in CTF competitions such as Web, Pwn, Reverse, Crypto, Misc, Stego, Forensics and etc..

  • Training Course

    The course covers various dimensions such as cybersecurity basic theory, CTF, and vulnerability flaws, helping the corporate security team quickly master the skills required for offensive and defensive combat.

  • Lecturer Team

    The lecturers team has many years of experience in offensive and defensive competitions, winning numerous domestic and foreign hacking championships, possessing professional guidance to quickly enhance the capabilities of the corporate security team.

Offensive and Defensive Training Platform

Chaitin offensive and defensive training platform is customized by security experts with multiple cyber security offensive and defensive technical courses, providing web security, binary security, mobile security, cryptography, steganography and forensics technology, and other security technologies, thus quickly improve the quality of cyber security personnel, comprehensively improve the level of cyber security.

  • Massive Amount of High-quality Courses in Coordination with Scientific Training Mode

    In-class learning, after-class practice, regular assessment and irregularly scheduled actual combat

  • Immersive Environment with Real Experience on Offensive and Defensive Drill

    Synchronized experiments with curriculum.

  • Simulation Training to Master the Latest Ideas

    Simulate real network environment Massive amount of high quality topics

Security Competition Service

Using virtualization technology, the platform can build a highly simulated information security combat environment with original created exclusive infiltration competition system according to the actual combat environment, automate the deployment of offensive and defensive competitions; it also supports red and blue confrontation, CTF, offensive and defensive confrontation, individual skill competitions and other forms of actual competition.

  • Top Team Full Range Service

    The security team assists in preparation full technical support.

  • Fancy Interface Big Screen Display

    The 3D animation shows all aspects of the game creates a fierce atmosphere

  • Customized Exclusive Questions

    Exclusive questions from Chaitin senior technical experts, always online with latest international cutting-edge technologies